We only provide computer service to Slovenian users. VAT is already included in prices.

Price List

Service EUR
Works not included in the price list (1 hour) 10,00
Hardware equipment EUR
Component replacement (RAM, GPU, CPU...) 15,00
Motherboard replacement 20,00
Disk replacement + data clone 35,00
BIOS upgrade 5,00
Computer cleaning 10,00
Laptop cleaning 20,00
Software equipment EUR
Operating system install 40,00
Program install 10,00
Driver update/install 10,00
Disk cloning 20,00
Data recovery 50,00
Fixing system error 20,00
Virus remove 50,00
Network equipment EUR
Basic network install 20,00
Wirelless network install 10,00
Network problems fix 20,00
Other EUR
Hour spend on driving (to 20km) 5,00
Hour spend on driving (over 20km) 10,00

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